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Why Hiring a Professional Permanent Christmas Light Installer is beneficial for home owners in the GTA.

Although incandescent and neon lights have been illuminating Christmas light displays for decades around the world, LEDs are quickly becoming the new standard when it comes to festive lighting. With consumers demanding safer, more cost-efficient and innovative options, the market for incandescent lighting in the GTA has steadily decreased over the years. 

Whether you are looking for a more eco-friendly alternative to Christmas lighting or if you are just looking for a more permanent solution to avoid re-installation each year, professional Christmas light installers in the GTA can help! 





1. Incentives for Making the Switch

With our planet’s health and future at the forefront of many discussions, consumers are demanding greater responsibility from businesses to make eco-conscious decisions within their operation. Government-funded organizations like Save on Energy are providing financial incentives for upgrading to LED lighting systems. If you are considering making the upgrade, but unsure if you have the funds to finance the installation, take time to research incentive programs provided by your local government..  You may end up saving yourself big bucks down the line. In addition, LED bulbs and strip lights consume less energy and require less power than fluorescent or neon tube lighting. If you are a business that keeps its lights on 24-hours, 365 days in the year, those consumption rates can quickly add up and LEDs can help you save incrementally on your energy bill as a result. Permanent Christmas light installers in the GTA can offer more information to you about the benefits of making the switch and offer you with custom quotes.

2. A More Durable and Safer Option

While neon lighting has a characteristic glow difficult to emulate, that distinctive look requires great care and maintenance. Neon lights are typically hand-crafted using glass tubes and inert gases. Additional chemicals like mercury are sometimes added to create specific colours. As a result, neon lights are very fragile and pose a health risk if they are damaged or left unattended. They can also pose as a fire-hazard in certain conditions. In contrast to neon lights, commercial LED lighting systems have an extremely long-life span (up to 25 years), are weatherproof and virtually indestructible. LEDs are also much cheaper to replace, maintain and install overall, while still providing businesses a warm, colourful glow. When you hire a professional Christmas light installer for your lighting needs, you can be assured that only the best and latest in LED technology is used. No need to worry about costly maintenance fees or tedious reinstallation. Installers equip your home with permanent lighting solutions that can be used all year round, relieving you of any stress once the holidays are over. 

3.  Customizable to Suit Any Occasion 

Unlike neon lights where the colour is dependent on the gas that the glass tubes are filled with, LED lighting systems can be digitally programmed to display any colour and sequence. This provides the flexibility needed to change the lighting come Christmas time to match the festivities with green and red accents. Being able to easily change your lighting also gives you the option to customize décor based on the occasion that you are celebrating. Even if you decide to transform your lighting display from Christmas winter wonderland to a New Years charm, a permanent Christmas light installer can help you create the look you want. 

Keep your Christmas light display modern, consumer-conscious and energy-efficient by installing LED lights instead of traditional commercial neon lighting in the GTA. Why get stuck with just one colour and lighting style when you can have a fully programmable system that is tailored to your personality, and style. Hire a team of professional Christmas light installers today.